About Simbadda

Simbadda has proven to the community with decades and innovative products that are in great demand by people throughout Indonesia and continue to develop products, services that have a high commitment power to continue to satisfy both customers and business partners.

Simbadda introduces its products in the business world with specialization Multimedia Active speaker, Computer Case, Power Supply, Headphone, Keyboard and Mouse.

Be founded:
2002, Jakarta

about simbadda

Vision Mission

Simbadda always uphold the value of honesty, among others: honesty of quality, honesty of cooperation in business and trying to establish cooperation with all partners throughout Indonesia. So loyal customers can easily get quality products from simbadda. That is the vision and mission of Simbadda.

value and philosophy

Value and Philosophy

Simbadda continues to produce innovative, quality and environmentally friendly products. It is undeniable that Simbadda's manufacturing has gained international recognition with various certifications. Also included is Simbadda's original product and spare parts service, so every customer feels comfortable to own and use it.