Simbadda Privacy Policy


Policy and Privacy

Ensuring that you understand what personal and other information Simbadda Corporation collects about you, how we use and share this information, and the steps you may take to limit this use or sharing, is fundamental to our respect for our customers

As used within the context of this policy, “personal information” means personally identifiable information - such as your name or email address - that is not otherwise publicly available.

Information We Collect

In general, we collect personal and other information about you to support your relationship with Simbadda and to manage our business. We obtain information through various means, including:

Forms and requests you submit to us
Your communications and dealings with us
(including on our websites, at special events, over the phone, on third-party social media sites, and by email) Through the Simbadda products, services that you use

From the reviews that you submit about Simbadda products:

  • Name, address, telephone number and email address
  • Information from your social media account to the extent permitted by your privacy settings, such as location, check-ins, status updates, friends, interests, photos and activities
  • Online browsing information (for details see "Online tracking and targeted advertising" below)
  • Other personal information

We may combine the personal and other information we receive from one source with information we receive from other sources. For example, we may combine personal information collected through our websites with other information that we collect about you in other contexts—such as our communications with you via email or phone, or your customer service records. We also may combine your personal information with information that we obtain from third parties. We will treat as personal information any information combined with personal information, and we will protect it in accordance with this Policy.